Getting ready for your newborn

A list of our favorite newborn things! If your a new mom and your unsure what you need, this is for you!

If you have a fussy baby and wondering what works and what doesn't - This is for you! There are sooooo many products out there that I wanted to create a simple list to help you get some things you may need!

I chose to use Amazon ( you click the image for a direct link) because almost everyone shops on amazon now and days, but you can get these products at any major store.

Baby Essentials:

I love Dr. Browns bottles , yes it's annoying to clean all the little pieces but it's a small headache and worth the extra effort for your baby. For babies who suffer from acid re-flux- these bottles work great. Tried and true twice for both my boys. These are the only bottles I recommend , even for breast fed babies.

Yes you should be sterilizing your bottles, no you don't need to boil water in a pot to do it. LOL. My first son I did that until I discovered a bottle sterilizer! A must add to your baby registries.

Grooming- Do you really need those all in one kits? NO. I found most of that stuff I never used. You really only need baby nail clippers ( YOU WILL NEVER USE THE NAIL FILERS lol) and EVERY FAMILY should have a thermometer. Nothing more frustrating then using a thermometer that takes forever to read. You want one that is fast, efficient and can grow with your child. What I love about the Safety first is it reads an accurate temperature in about 5 seconds and it's consistent. This thermometer will grow with your baby, My oldest is 11 and we still have the same thermometer, we just change the batteries.

Babies love to sleep elevated, especially if they are prone to gas and acid reflux. With my oldest , we use to place books under his crib mattress and by the time we had our second son, we discovered the crib wedge! Yes it's safe, This was a trick I learned while my boys were in the NICU.

White noise : Worth the investment, do you need it? No, but it is really nice to have. TRUST ME. 2 of my favorites are the babyshusher and the baby sound spa.

Nose Frieda: Yes you need one. If your not using the nose bulb from the hospital, don't waste your money on the ones at the store- there not the same. BUT the Nose Frieda is really great to have and it does work. Babies get congested easily and a stuffy nose will make your baby really fussy.

Diaper Caddy - I really liked having everything I needed in one place. Nothing more frustrating then changing your babies diaper in the middle of night and you can't locate the diaper rash creme! You can easily make a diaper caddy with a crate or basket from the dollar store but if your too lazy to do that, get ones of these diaper caddies. And by the way, the only butt cream you will ever need is Boudreaux Butt Paste! TRUST ME. Yes I've used Desitin butt creme but once I discovered Boudreaux Butt Paste, it's the only one I recommend. What causes baby butt rashes? Most often it's the babies diet, sometimes diaper brand but most often it's what the baby is eating.

Swaddling: I can't tell you all how often I hear people say to me, " my baby hates to be swaddled" BABIES LOVE TO BE SWADDLED. When ever I have a fussy baby, once I'm done swaddling they are sound asleep and peaceful. Babies love to be swaddled because it makes them feel safe and reminds them of being in the wound. Just my 2 cents. You can purchase those swaddler wraps or just use a regular receiving blanket. We were taught how to swaddle our boys while they were in the NICU so it's natural for me swaddle a baby with about anything. But my sister couldn't swaddle for the life of her and she purchased the swaddlers that they used all the time.

Pacifiers: Some people love them, some people hate them. I can tell you from my own experience that there is nothing wrong with using a pacifier. I breast fed my babies and used a pacifier and I never had nipple confusion nor did using a pacifier affect my nursing in any way. . My boys didn't get attached to their pacifiers, When it was time to break the kids from their pacifiers we just took it away cold turkey. After 2-3 days they were fine. Some babies love to suck- it's soothing for them. So if you have a fussy baby, consider the use of a pacifier, they DO WORK. You don't need them, but they do work. I used the SOOTHIE brand for my kids. One of my clients showed up one day with a Ryan and Ro