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Family Beach Sessions - Stinson Beach

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Let me introduce you all to one of Northern California's hidden gems, Stinson Beach. We'll its not really hidden, nor is it a secret, I've just never heard of it until this year, and I've lived in Sacramento most of my life. When I first discovered Stinson, I thought to myself, why do people in Sacramento travel all the way to Lake Tahoe for beaches when Stinson is only 2 hours away and sooo much better! This beach is huge , beautiful and very clean. I'll also mention, that the water is cold but not too cold. It's not freezing like Lake Tahoe. And the sand is so much softer.

Stinson Beach is 2 hours from Sacramento, and about 35 minutes from San Francisco. It's an easy drive with little traffic. Be warned that the roads are windy and can cause care sickness so have bags ready. It's a beautiful cliff view drive along the way but the fog can be heavy in the morning. If you miss the view in the morning, you'll be able to catch it on the way home.

Kid Friendly

The sand is soft and clean. The water is not too cold. The weather is beautiful. and the area to spread is huge. Pack a lunch, bring a beach blanket, grab a few sand toys and get ready for fun!

Mommy tip: bring baby powder to help remove sand.

Dog Friendly? Yes!

Stinson is a large beach with plenty of parking and room for people to spread out. On the far right of the beach near the condo's you can find a pet friendly beach area. (Dogs are not allowed on the main beach. I learned this the hard way ) Its a large LONG beach- make sure if you have pets to park on the right side of the park because the dog friendly area is on the right side over by the condo's. It's a fun part of the beach to be because you get to see so many dogs running around playing. It's very entertaining.

Pack poop bags, there are garbage's near the parking lot but no garbage cans on the beach.

This family was soo fun! Their dogs are very well behaved and I WAS VERY IMPRESSED! Bowser howled as if he was speaking to us, Yoshi was super high energy and playful and the most beautiful husky with his beautiful icy blue eyes. They welcomed a new member to their family last year, tiny little Bean, she is 15 years old and sooo tiny!

Pregnancy Announcement

The beach offers such a beautiful back drop for your pregnancy announcement. Its super casual, fun and such a great way to show off your new belly. We don't do beach sessions often but if you'll be pregnant during the summer months, consider booking your maternity session when we offer beach sessions.

What a beautiful way to end summer!

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