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Cleaning hacks that work!

Be ready to be BLOWN AWAY!

I have to share with you all these great products I recently discovered. I was totally blown away my self when I finally found something that works! I hate cleaning, it’s a tedious task and I just get so cranky when I can’t get something “clean” I discovered these products by accident. I was actually on the hunt to try to find something to help me remove hard water stains on my glass shower and by accident, I came across other random products that ACTUALLY WORK.

I will share with you all :




I’ll will also share with you what didn’t work, don’t waste your time, I tried it and I was so upset when it didn’t work for me.

People “SWORE” it worked and when I tested it and it failed, I found myself yelling “ THOSE LIARS!”

Hard water stain remover:

Bio clean hard water stain remover


You can pick up Bioclean Hard Water Stain remover at your local ACE Hardware store if your in a hurry or if you want to save a few bucks, get it on amazon as its a bit cheaper. Yes its expensive, but I think it’s worth it because it actually works. I came across this product because I was sharing my struggles with cleaning products that didn't work on my facebook and a friend shared BIOCLEAN. I went and purchased it the next day and put it to the test and yup, IT WORKS!

I have really hard water where I live, its tough. And its been there for a long time so it’s even tougher to get out. So to make my life easier, I used Bioclean with auto sand paper grit #1500 and IT WORKED. If you don’t want to spend all day scrubbing- get the sand paper. Make sure you use auto sand paper grit #1500- #2000 because it’s super fine and won’t scratch your glass. DO NOT USE REGULAR SANDPAPER.

* I would recommend your order these online , you can find it on amazon. I had to go to 2 different AUTOZONES to find this sand paper. Remember to get the #1500 or #2000 grit so you don't scratch your glass.

Don’t waste your money on sponges, magic eraser, soaps, the stupid vinegar and dawn soap concoction that people on youtube swear by. IT DOESN’T WORK. I spent my whole Saturday trying these stupid things and it work and not only that, but it didn’t even make dent. Total waste of time and energy. I got desperate at one point and sprayed straight vinegar and let it soak and scrubbed several times with a non scratch - abrasive sponge- DID NOT WORK. I applied Bars Keeper friend with water to make a paste, applied, rubbed it in, let it soak, rubbed some more, Rinse and repeat. DID NOT WORK. DON’T DO IT, DON”T WASTE YOUR TIME. Spend the 20 or 30 bucks and get the BIO CLEAN.

Doesn't work- don't do it, they lied. FYI- cleaning vinegar is different from house hold vinegar. I'm not sure why, but your suppose to use Dawn soap. Doesn't matter anyways as it doesn't work.

Best Glass Cleaner

Home Store Glass and Surface Cleaner

your glass will look AMAZINGGGGG.

My husband loves the "Worlds best glass cleaner" and don't get me wrong, its a great product, and so is Windex. A glass cleaner was just a glass cleaner to me and honestly, I never noticed a difference until I came across a youtube video about the Home Store Glass and Surface Cleaner ( sold at Dollar Tree) . It's AMAZINGGGGG. I was very impressed. It's a two step process but its totally worth it. I cleaned my mirrors and it reminded me of that brand new house mirror look. Both glass cleaners work but the Home Store glass cleaner is my personal favorite! You can get the worlds best glass cleaner anywhere for about $3 bucks. The Home Store Glass Surface clearer I have only found at the dollar store.

  1. Spray the Home store glass cleaner foam on to your mirror.

  2. Wipe it

  3. You get this haze ( third photo)

  4. Then you wipe again with a clean lint free towel to "buff" to a shine! I didn't post a photo because you have to see it to believe it. It works trust me! It's only a dollar at the dollar store- just try it!

Carpet Stain Remover

I'm shocked, it worked!

Both of these carpet cleaners work but one product works better then the other. While I was at the dollar store, I decided to try to the Home Store Carpet cleaner ( red can). It's only a dollar and it did work for light stains, how ever I did have to apply it 2 or 3 times. For heavy stains, I found that the AWESOME CLEANER removed the stains wonderfully! Both great products but if I had to choose one, I'd highly recommend the Awesome Cleaner. Also, the Awesome cleaner can be used for alot of things but I've only tested it on carpet.

How it works for both products:

  1. Spray the stained area ( make sure you do a test spot before going crazy)

  2. Rub it in with a towel

  3. Spray again

  4. let it dry ( I have a wet vacuum so I was able to vacuum in 20 minutes and it was gone!)

  5. Vacuum and the stain is gone! The awesome cleaner worked right away, the home store carpet cleaner I had to do it twice to remove the stain.

I've also used FOLEX instant carpet cleaner , Its " OK" , You gotta really rub this stuff. Honestly, I think the Awesome Cleaner is the best product for carpet stains. I've also used Resolve stain remover and I was not impressed.

Bio Clean hard water stain remover:

#1500 grit auto Sand paper:

Awesome Cleaner:


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