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Painting Rocks

I painted a beautiful Cherry blossom tree

If you guys are looking for a fun and affordable activity to do with your kids, check out rock painting! I love it! For Easter this year, ( Instead of painting eggs which I really dislike doing) I painted rocks with the kids. It seems silly but it's such a simple and great activity!


What I love most is having the kids art displayed at my front door. It brings me so much joy, every time I walk through the front door. And I'll tell you guys, the people who come over also enjoy seeing it. It's not everyday you see art on rocks lol. It's so easy and anyone can do it! You'll find everything you need at 2 stores. If your like me, I just need to know to what to buy, where to buy it and I'm out. Time is so important to me, I don't want to run to several different stores because that is time spent away from my kids.

First Stop: HOME DEPOT

- You can buy this good size bag of river rocks - these rocks are a little smaller then size size of your palm. Great if you plan to paint lots of rocks.

FYI- this is not a small bag, It's probably the size of an 18 month old baby.

If you don't need this many, take the kids on a walk around the neighborhood and hunt down the perfect rock. My youngest son is always picking up rocks randomly.

This bag was $9.99

Perfect size for tiny hands

Last and Final stop : WALMART -

this is the best place to get art supplies for the best price.

-Acrylic Paint - 50 cents a bottle - go crazy and buy a ton, let the kids be artist ;)

-Pack of paint brushes - vary in cost. I bought a cheap 12 pk for 3.99 then I also purchased a nice set of brushes that had various styles of brushes for 7.99

-MODGE PODGE - you will need to seal your rocks once the paint dries

-Googly eyes - 2.99 a pack -the kids love these! ( you'll need a hot glue gun to apply the eyes)

My oldest son made some sort of character, I'm not sure but you can see he added googly eyes.

Start Painting!

Grab a couple of paper plates, a cup or two of water and napkins and start painting!

Let your rocks completely dry before you brush two coats of MODGE PODGE to seal your rocks. You'll want to allow the coats to dry in between.




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