Love my Lange Ondule hair wand

I don't fuss over myself to often but my hair us one frustration that I've always had and a lot of it has to do with mommy guilt. Let's be honest, focusing in our hair is a costly process. Products cost a pretty penny and having your hair done is a splurge for many of us. And it's not all about cost ladies, a lot of times, yes I feel guilty spending the amount of money that I do on my hair but I always feel terrible about the time spent on my hair. That is precious time I could be spending with my family.

I've since gotten over this guilt because after I got over my own bs about my hair, I love it. I work really hard all around. I deserve to splurge on myself every once in a while. I don't buy expensive clothes, go on crazy trips or do very much for myself at all but you know what, I love it when my hair looks good. I could roll out of bed and throw on some yoga pants and leave the house confident because my hair looks

If I had to brag about anything, it's my wonderful Lange Ondule wand. THIS THING IS AMAZING. Before I purchased this item, I heard a lot of mixed reviews. It actually took me 2 months to purchase it because it's a pretty penny. But you know what, after I received it. Its worth it and yes I would pay for it again.

Why the dilemma?

1. It is not cheap. Why spend $160 on this wand when they have other wands for like $40. You get what you pay for my friends. The wand is pretty, the cord does not tangle and my curls really do last , FOR DAYS. If you have a wand that creates curls that can last for days for under $50 please let me know! I'd love to be able to test and share it with all my mommies because not all of us can or want to spend so much for an Ondule.

For those of you who are on the cusp of this, buy it. It's worth it!

2. Rumor has it, It doesn't work.

THE ONDULE comes in two types of wands. The Black wand is more affordable ( like 50 bucks) and is made of ceramic. Ceramic is what you see all the time with store bought brands. This wand doesn't work for everyone. It's for those who have fine and easy to curl hair. I did not fall into this category.

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