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Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Hands down one of my favorite instant pot recipes. It's so easy, done quickly and everyone loves it. I've made this dish a few times so I've discovered some not to do's and the biggest one is don't place the pasta at the bottom. If you place the pasta first it will burn, literally. Another tip is to not cook your noodles past 8 minutes. I find cooking 3-6 minutes is plenty of time. Any thing longer will create mushy pasta.

3 Minutes is my preferred timing.


- Pasta noodles of your choice. I've made this with lasagna noodles that I've cracked and it just didn't work so I prefer the spiral noodles. They do make mini lasagna noodles but I haven't been able to find those.

- 1 pound beef or turkey ground meat

- 3 garlic cloves

- 1 jar pasta sauce

-chopped spinach

- cottage cheese ( a small container) ( you can use ricotta but I like cottage cheese)

- 2 cups of Mozerlla shredded cheese


In your instant pot, saute your ground meat with garlic. Pour in your sauce.

Place your pasta into pot and gently push down. Cover your pasta with additional water, you want to cover your noodles. Do not push pasta all the way to the bottom or it will burn. You want to immerse your pasta Into wet liquid for it to cook.

Set your instant pot to 3 minutes on high pressure.

Once 3 minutes is done. Release pressure. Top with cottage cheese and spinach and mix.

Mix pasta and DINNER IS DONE. ENJOY!

Interested in buying one? I TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT.

Not sure which instant pot is best for your family? Check out my rule of thumb here :

Large Families (6 +) or families with teens who eat a lot - 8 Qt.

Smaller Family of 4 people - 6 qt is perfect!

If its just you and one other person - the MINI.



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