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Best Hair Straightner

I am a huge fan of the Lange Le Gloss straightener. And I'll share with you all why. Before I invested in this straightner, I had a hot tools straightener that I bought at Sallys Beauty many moons ago, about 7 years to be exact. My old straightener served it's purpose and after 7 years, I got use to it not realizing that there were better products on the market, I'm in the camp of " if its not broken, don't fix it. "

After many years of loyal service, my hot tools straightner finally stopped working and I knew I wanted to buy the Lange Le gloss. I've been eyeing it for almost a year. Once I got the Le Gloss I saw a huge difference in my hair.

What I love about my new hair straightner:

1. Straightens my hair fairly quickly in one stroke- I don’t have to go back and forth anymore. I use to do this not realizing how much damage I was causing. My old straightener took me a while to actually straighten my hair.

2. The heat on the Lange Le Gloss is adjustable! Highest temperature is 450 degrees but I find I’m pretty happy at 430 degrees. Great for different hair types.

3. Does it give you gloss? YES. No products needed.

4. No frizz. I use to have a big issue with Frizzy hair and with this straightener, I don’t have that problem anymore.

What I don’t Love:

It’s expensive. Lol. It’s a pretty penny, but I think if your ready to make the investment, it’s worth it. You can wait for a sale, which happens all the time, but they sell out often.

Are you ready to spoil yourself with a wonderful hair tool! Check it out here:



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