We closed our studio temporarily

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Closing for now Tiny Toes and Paws Photography.

I did not take the closure of my business lightly. It was a difficult decision that I contemplated for a few days and it wasn’t until my husband showed me the statics of how California had 3 confirmed cases to over 300 in a matter of days that I decided to close for now. I have all the infection control precautions in place to protect my clients from me but I realized I don’t know what my clients have, they could be bringing something into my home and putting my family at risk so because of this, I had to close temporary. ( I have a home studio)

On March 15th , I decided it was best to not see clients for now and on monday March 16th I annouced it.

Thank goodness for amazing clients and everyone understood why I was doing this and a few of my mom’s actually appreciated it because they were scared to continue but didn’t want to over react so they didn’t want to cancel on me.

What I posted:

"This was tough decision, but with Corona Virus on the rise in our area and my concerns for my sons health who has severe Asthma and those of my clients who have young children, I've decided to post pone all sessions until further notice. I am so sorry everyone! We resume our sessions together but date will be to be announced." Please take this time off to spend quality time with your little ones and wash those tiny hands! Avoid public places and if you need educational resources contact me, I will be home schooling my kids during their month off, I told them " this is not a vacation " 😂

So the biggest question is , HOW AM I GOING TO STAY AFLOAT during this time. I AM NOT, lol. I am just taking it one day at a time and my focus right now is to not lose clients. There is nothing I can do at this time to make money off of my business because we are all in the same boat. I’m not working, my clients are not working. So guess what… No income. And that’s ok. I can’t focus on the negative because there’s nothing I can do.

I can tell you what I’m NOT DOING

1. I’m not buying props. STOP SPENDING MONEY OF PROPS, You need to save that for essentials like toilet paper lol.


3. I’m not booking new clients – I CAN’T GURANTEE A SERVICE I DON’T KNOW WHEN I CAN PROVIDE. I have current clients I need to work with. If you don’t have clients lined up then yes, book future clients but give them full disclosure and tell them you can’t guarantee a time frame.

4. I’m not going in public places. Stay home and wait this out. There is nothing we can do. It’s a virus!!! It’s not going to pass you up because you have a business to run. STAY HOME.

5. I’m not mad at the world, the government, at china. The outbreak is here, let’s just get through this.