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My Favorite Vendors!

Here is a list of my preferred vendors.

Bear Bonnet by Sassie Stitches Floor drop by Back Drops Head bands by Polka Dot Poppy

and Floors.

Ababa Wool Fluff

Newborn Wraps + Matching Tiebacks:

Bluesky Props ( Texas ) :

Girloologies ( Florida) :

Dear my Luna ( Canada ):

Tie Backs only :

Pinky Tinks :

Polka Dot Poppy :

Boys hat and pant sets:

Sassie Stiches:

3 Little Snowflakes -Newborn Boys hats with custom name:

Newborn wool :

Ababa ( California )

Backdrops/ Floordrops:

I have a 2 in one newborn custom Vinyl set by :

Tieback by Pinkytinks Headband by Girloologies Head band and wrap by BlueSky

Custom Newborn hats by Three Little Snowflakes


Baileys Knits:

Custom Photo Props:

White Crib from, Baileys Knits Bowl from Custom Photo Props


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