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We had the lovely opportunity to work with Cindy at her home studio and I have nothing but positive things to say about our experience. I highly recommend her— she’s patient, she loves babies, was great with our kiddos.

The Kojinskys

 Cindy is amazing for family photos! There's just no other word to describe our experience. It was incredibly convenient because she come to our home to capture these precious photos while I recovered from giving birth to my second daughter. On top of that, she got my overly shy 4 year old to open up to her which made the photos turn out even better because everyone was comfortable. They'd ya behind every family shoot is screaming kids and a dad that's waiting for it all to be over but not with Ms. Cindy

Jocelyn and baby Zoe


She is based out of her home, but I really liked her warm personality. She was very patient with both girls and the photos came out wonderful! Cindy was also able to photoshop out a chalazion that my daughter had under her eye. Thanks again, Cindy! I’ll definitely be booking future sessions with you

The Chuong's


Cindy is an absolutely amazing photographer. Not only does she take great photos, she is also extremely kind, flexible, and so easy to work with. She took photos of my family - which includes an infant (6 months old at the time) + 2 pitbulls (one of whom is extremely timid and another who is just a nutcase). She was able to get everyone to focus on her for a photo - a task in and of itself - and still capture a moment that my family and I will cherish and be able to look back on for a lifetime.

Cole and Family

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First I would like to say that Cindy was so amazing to my little one especially with him being fussy and gassy, she calmed him down and was able to get beautiful photographs of us. Not only that Cindy is super talented but she is very patient and accommodating. 

Chrisy and baby Connor