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Sacramento, California Family Photographer | Meet the DeLeon's

Today I’d love to spot light this wonderful family, one that has grown with me these last couple of years. I first met the DeLeon’s when they contacted me for a first birthday session for little Mateo.

Jo and Mark’s love story started years ago when they met in College in New Jersey. This beautiful couple is from the east coast and they relocated to California two years after they met. Dolce is the very first baby, He’s been with Jo and Mark since they lived in New Jersey and he totally has his momma’s heart.

Mom tells me “ Everyone know’s he’s my favorite and ranks number one. They all have to deal with it, lol”

Our pets are a reflection of us and as spoiled as this little guy is, he so sweet and well behaved. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him bark. He walks around minding his own business and doesn’t jump to be held as I would expect from a dog who is so loved. The kids JUST ADORE HIM.

Stella this sweet gem, she kind of just does whatever she wants lol. She’s the dog that just stares at us when we want her to do something lol. Even to this day, I can hear dad say “ Stella, sit, Stella, SIT.” Stella was rescued as a puppy in 2012. I think Jo knew this dog would be going home with her because when they went to look at rescues, she climbed into the puppy play area where she put Stella in her lap and didn’t let her go.

In 2014 they had their first son, Jacob. I love little Jacob. He has always been so easy going and happy and polite. A sweet boy for sure with a million dollar smile. Mom tells me she labored for days before he was born , a true labor of love! I am a firm believer in signs and things happening to us to let us know that this is the right place, the right time. Jacob was that sign, that Jo and Mark were meant to be as he was born on their dating anniversary. Mom told me “ I think he was waiting to come out so we can celebrate with him” I just thought, the universe is sending you a blessing that you and Mark are soul mates.

In 2017 Mark and Jo made it official and got married, shortly afterwards they welcomed their second boy Mateo. Mateo is funny. Toddlers are interesting and sometimes they can be tricky. I remember one year, we did their family session and we had a really easy time and dad said “Wow that was so much easier this year” and I had totally forgotten what the session was like the year before haha. It must have been tricky but I was so entertained by Mateo that I had forgotten.

Fast forward to 2021, we welcome Jo’s parent’s to California, they have officially relocated from New Jersey so it’s safe to say that the Deleons are making California their permanent home.

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