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Sacramento, California | Alice in Wonderland theme Cake smash session

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Alice in wonderland theme Cake smash , tea party first birthday
Alice in wonderland cakesmash

Oh my goodness did we have a great time with our little Zoey. This little girl is So STINKEN CUTE! She has the most beautiful eyes. Such a beautiful baby! Mom is a Disney fan and requested an Alice in Wonderland theme for her little girl. When she came to me a few years ago, she requested a Dumbo theme for her little boy, Benny. Seeing him again made me so happy! He is such a handsome kid, very shy and attached to his mom. He was such a sweet baby and still is a sweet little boy.

Grandma has made both outfits for both kids for the first birthday cake smash. I LOVE THESE SO MUCH. Part of the success of a great cake smash is having great outfits but when grandma is the one to make them, it just adds a personal touch that I can not create. One day, when these kids will look back and have such an appreciation for their grandmother's work.

Mom made Benny’s mad hatter outfit! WOW, is all I will say. JUST WOW. talk about the details.

Of course, I was not going to let Zoey smash is her beautiful portrait outfit that grandma worked so hard on, I was afraid the frosting would leave a little stain so a black tutu it is and it worked wonderfully!

Her session makes me giggle, she is just so hilarious in her photos and the funny thing is this little girl is pretty feisty. I mean if you take away what she wants, she will let you know she is upset. In her portrait photo here, she was holding a little orange magnet toy, I swapped the magnet for this flower and she knew exactly what I did and was searching for her magnet lol. I have no idea how I capture this smile but I'm glad I did because she was really upset about me taking her magnet lol.

( She didn't care to much for my flower * laughing in the background as I write this* )

First birthday portrait session in Sacramento, California, Tiny Toes and Paws photography
Babies first year portrait

You can’t have an Alice in Wonderland session without the ALICE IN WONDERLAND CAKE.

Alice in wonderland, cake smash session for first birthday in Sacramento, California
Alice in wonderland cake

Just a little comparison between big brothers' first birthday and sisters' first birthday.

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