Rowen's first year with us

We met Rowen when he was only 2 weeks old. He was the cutest little bean with these 4 huge dogs. The funniest thing that comes to my mind during his session, was when his Dad had to chase the husky around the room so we get him in the picture. He's a really big boy, but very skittish. At one point he jumped on to the bed with mom to hid from dad. LOL.

Rowen was 2 weeks when we did an in-home session for him and his pups, Galinda, Elphaba, Macie and Loki .

Although we wanted to see him more often, scheduling was a bit tricky this year due to the Pandemic. I was really looking forward to seeing this little guy grow up for his milestone sessions, but the Pandemic had other plans for us. We were really lucky to be able to see him for his 6 month sitter session.

Look how cute Rowen is with his chubbiness' and cute button nose! Mom requested the Disney Up theme and I think this was totally perfect for him! Doesn't he look just like the kid, Russel in UP?