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Rita's Italian Ice and Frozen Custard

This weekend, I took my boys for a treat to Rita's Italian Ice here in Antelope, it's a new frozen treat shop that opened not to long ago and for years, I've always taken to the kids to Basket and Robins and on this day, I wanted to try to something new. OMG was I in for a treat.

My youngest son trying to decide what he wants ;)
My youngest son trying to decide what he wants

What really impressed me as I entered was they had a stand up bar for the little kids to look into the frozen fridge too see what today's flavors are. Now, I don't know how many flavors that have exactly but I do know that every day they rotate their flavors. I found this out because my kids loved this place so much, we went back 3 days in a roll. Yes, 3 days! I'm not going to lie, I found my self really loving their chocolate custard ice cream. It was so rich and creamy and just the right amount of sweetness. Don't believe me, go try it.

My delicious chocolate frozen custard in a waffle cone, YUM!

I'm not to familiar with Rita's as there aren't that many locations in the Sacramento Area. They did have one in Roseville and Rocklin but those are now closed, Bummer! We currently to this date have 2 locations, Antelope and Folsom. If you guys are bored and wanting to try something new, like FROZEN CUSTARD, plan a trip! You won't be disappointed. I loved this place so much I even wrote a yelp review because I'm all about supporting local business ;)

Just a few selections of their frozen custard

This was a really fun experience for me and the boys. I think for this summer, I'll make a trip to a new frozen dessert shop once or twice a month and let you guys know about our finds ;) Know of any places you'd highly recommend? please leave me a comment!



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