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Our Newborn prep guide

When I started newborn photography, A lot of it was learned through trial and error and one of the best things I learned along this wonderful journey was that having a newborn prep guide made my sessions run by so much smoother!

What is a newborn prep guide and why do you need one?

I sent this out to my clients as soon as they book with me so that they can be ready for their upcoming session.

1. Set Guidelines for Clients

This will totally set you up for success because your clients will have clear expectations. I find when a session did not go well it was because I did not prep well.

2. It sets your work flow

Once I mastered my sessions, I discovered what work flow worked best for me. What you see here is a product of that. I use to be really scattered and all over the place during sessions. I would do a prop here, then family there and all over the place. It was very chaotic. Now. My sessions are planned and I follow it every time. I start with Siblings, Parents and family, then prop poses and single baby poses.

What is a 48 Hour guide and why do you need one?

I like to send to my clients, a 48 hour guide when they tell me their baby has arrived. This is the most important part because this is how your parents will prepare their newborns for a successful session. If you are not guiding your parents right now on how to start their day, I really recommend you check it out.

1. Remind parents to pack extras!

I remember my first session, the mom did pack enough diapers. Not her fault- the session went on way longer then I had anticipated. I also ran into a session once where we ran out of formula. The baby was schedule during a growth spurt and it was not good.

2. Guide Them

One hour before, bath the baby. Give a full feeding and then load the baby in the car and head on over. It's that simple. You don' need to complicate things and give parents a whole list of to do's. Some things to keep in mind when creating your own guide lines. Babies do best in the mornings - why? THEY HAVE NOT BEEN OVER STIMULATED. Parent's are up and ready for their session. If you wait til later in the day the baby has been fussy, mom's a bit tired and worn down. Schedule morning sessions when you can. Also, tell your parents how long they should expect there so that way they can plan their day accordingly.

3. Session Flow

This really is more for me then my clients, LOL. It keeps me focused and organized. Sometimes when I get a fussy baby or siblings who do not want to cooperate I can lose my focus so this here reminds me that I have steps to flow that will guarantee my shots. One word of advice - I usually start with siblings but if they do not want to cooperate, I move on to parents. I will get dad images done, try to get siblings, then Family poses and let the kids run free while I focus on mom. After I've completed my families, I move onto prop shops because my baby is still wrapped and then onto my beanbag.

For timing purposes, I only utilize 2 props. I have lots of props but I don't need all of them. I choose my props the night before a session based on my parents color scheme. I do ask my parents to send me ideas of which props of mine they like and I will use those. They will usually go onto either my Facebook Page or find me on Instagram

I couldn't find one when I started, so I created my own. I've re-done it time and time again. What you see now is my final product that I send now to all my new moms. Its simple. It's easy. And you can totally download your own editable version here. ENJOY!

Download our free newborn guides here - PSD files to be used with Photoshop.

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