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Merry Christmas | Meet the Glovers | Sacramento, California

Michelle with her pup Bennette, a Cockapoo ( Cocker spaniel and Poodle mix)

Establish a Family Christmas Tradition

If you had to do one family session out of a whole year, I recommend you focus on the Holidays! Christmas cards are special, and everyone loves getting one. I'm a little old school in the sense that I LOVE GETTING CARDS in the mail. I love to collect them, and Yes I save them! I love seeing the changes in families throughout the year.

For my 8-year-old son's class project for December, the task was to share your family holiday traditions and this is what he wrote:

  1. Family photos ( YES ITS TRUE, Christmas photos every year.)

  2. Open one gift as a family on Christmas day. ( We have a big family, we usually open gifts with all the kids on my husband's side on Christmas Eve and then on my side the next day. By opening just one gift with just my own little family, We are able to share that small moment with just us)

I didn't realize those were things we did every year. It was a light bulb moment for me. I love to send out cards because I love getting them, so every year, I make it a to-do that we do holiday photos. As part of my own traditions, I've also made it a thing for my clients.

I'll share our yearly photos in another post as this one is ALL about the GLOVERS.

Meet the Glovers

The sweetest family! I met this family when Michelle was a newborn. She is two now. Kids change so much in the first five years. The little girl who came for her holiday session this year is a totally different kid from last year. She always reminds me of her wonderful aunt, and I think it's her smile. Every time this little girl smiles, I always see her mom's sister.

This photo makes me laugh, while we were taking this portrait Bennette was wild but I really wanted to capture mom pregnant holding him and I'm so glad because I LOVE THIS PHOTO.

We had such a great session this year. I was so happy to see they have welcomed a new pup into their family, Bennette the Cockapoo ( Cocker Spaniel and Poodle mix), and will be welcoming their second child soon!

Puppies are so much fun. They're so energetic and playful. Bennette was just jumping and twirling and dad was working on his training and I was just laughing because he reminds me of that kid on the playground that had too much sugar.

Michelle love's her MOMMA. She was so shy and clung to mom but not in a scared way, just need a little reassurance. She just wanted her mom near her and would reach for her. Once she warmed up, Dad stood nearby and that's how we got that million-dollar smile. I love her CUTE BOWS!

Michelle and her dad share this playful relationship. Her dad just knows how to lighten her mood. Sometimes she can be a serious toddler and I really think it's his voice that just snaps her out of it. His tone is playful and cheerful and when he calls her, she just smiles. I really enjoy having my dads in the studio. I love seeing that relationship between fathers and their kids.

This is Michelle, 2 years old ( almost three)

A lot shy, a little reserved with beautiful eyes and her aunties smile.

Check out the Glover's holiday session here.

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