Homeschooling the kids during Corona Virus outbreak

I've always had a ton of respect for our educators. If you've never sat in a classroom and observed what our teachers do, I'll tell you, it's ALOT. I think there are some amazing teachers in the world who have done an amazing job raising our little humans.


*HUGE shout out to Mrs. Rodriguez, Mrs. Harrison , Miss Blatnick and Mrs. Lomazzi at Antelope Meadows Elementary *

During this state of emergency, the schools have been closed for the safety of our children. I know a lot of people who were thinking " What am I suppose to do with these kids for the next several weeks" or " How am I suppose to go work? Whose going to watch my kids?" I took the news of the school closure as a chance to spend with my children ( I'm a working mom also) and I hope this helps other moms as well.

I spend about 1-2 hours each morning, researching different subjects to teach my two kids who are ages 11 and 7. And then we sit down together for an hour to learn what I want to teach them. Yes they have their individual school work that we work on separately and this will help them each stay on track with their current subjects, But I also had to find things that I could teach to them both because lets be serious- I don't want to sit with for 8 hours just going through curriculum. Huge kudo's to our teachers who do that, EVERYDAY.

I spend one hour a day- teaching both my kids what ever I feel like that day lol. Part of this process has also been keeping our family up to date with what is going on in the world in regards to Corona Virus.

One of my biggest concerns is all of the fake news and conspiracy theories that went around and I wanted to make sure to educate my kids on FACTS.

Bacteria VS Virus

I studied Microbiology in college so I have a little bit of education in regards to bacteria's and virus so we spent a day learning about that. Proud to say my kids know the importance of washing your hands

Lesson #1 : What is a bacteria vs virus

There is a bi