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Greyson's Cakesmash session | Sacramento, California

I really love the simple sets. I think their so timeless and really highlight as the baby as you don't have extra distractions in the background. If you want your baby to really be the main focus, a simple set is the way to go.

For our sessions, we recommend parents select 2 or 3 outfits for their baby's cake smash. You'll want to pick outfits that compliment your set and highlights your babies personality. Accessories such as hats and shoes are optional. We personally prefer no shoes as we like to see babies chunky toes and babies often don't like things on their head, but we make it work.

What a fun session! Greyson loves the song " The wheels on the bus" and it was a nice change in music as we often sing baby shark. This little guy, (if you want see in the video- ) you can see his hands spinning the wheels lol. This kid cracks me up and he was such a good eater! He LOVED his cake!

Enjoy video? We love these videos as it's a great way to document your baby's first year. It's an experience you'll want to cherish forever.

My studio is located in Antelope, California (Greater Sacramento Area)

Specializing in newborn portraits, babies first year and cake smash

Antelope, California Baby Photographer | Sacramento, California Cake Smash Photographer



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