Check out Java Cherry!

6720 Van Maren Ln, Citrus Heights, CA 95621

On my to do list this year is to check out local coffee shops and the first one up is Java Cherry and let me tell you, I really enjoyed this little gem. Located in Citrus heights near Costco, its a small little shop, with so much character. I walked in and I thought my self, " What a fun place!" It's small but is filled with all sorts of fun decor! A true coffee collector! And the owner is so lovely. Very nice lady.

The shop is filled with fun nick nacks and quirky signs. What really caught my eye were the painted rocks! As you all know, I LOVE TO PAINT ROCKS. This little shop won my heart with these cute ones.

I really enjoyed browsing her shelves while waiting for my order. Her store was very nice and calm and QUIET! It wasn't busy full of hustle and bustle like Starbucks, or loud and wild like Dutch Bros. Its nice because she has games and things to do. Her shop wants you to interact with each other and stay off your phones, I don't know about you guys, BUT I LOVE THAT. You can see here my youngest son and nephew are playing together. And yes, I enjoyed my coffee.