6 Month Sitter Sessions for Photographers

I remember the days when I first started, I would go on youtube and watch videos on newborn photography and try to learn just from watching and a lot of those videos all pieced together, really helped. I would get a little bit of tip from this video, and another tip from another video. When I'm creating training videos for other photographers I put myself in their shoes and ask " What information would beneficial" and so I do my best to create as much content and information as I possible can. I really hope you all enjoyed my work! Please send a hello or give me a shout out to let me know that my content is working for you or if you feel you need anything else, remember, I was once in your shoes , so I try my best to give you guys the best I possible can!

For the 3rd baby summit, I asked myself, what is my favorite thing and how can share that passion with you all and I thought, 6 month sitters! OMG do I love this stage. I enjoy watching my newborns grow and when they return to see my for this stage, I absolutely love it. It's the cutest thing to me to see a baby sitting. I don't know why but I REALLY ENJOY IT haha.

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In the 3rd Belly Baby Summit, I walk you all through my set up.

Here are my details

My magnet wall: can be purchased at any LOWES or HOME DEPOT. My studio is in my home, so it's in my living space. My husband didn't want a big magnet wall so I decided to attach metal bars to Velcro so I can remove the bars when I'm not working.

Magnet Bar - 3 feet long. I went to home depot with a magnet to test all the metal to make sure it was magnetic. I think I purchased 8 bars total. The nice thing about Velcro on the bars is it allows me to move my bars as needed, I can raise or lower my set based on my backdrop size.