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Cake Smash

How to prepare for your babies first birthday session. 

-  Start Practicing! - You can practice with a tiny cupcake to get your baby use to the texture and stickiness of frosting.

-Plan Outfits - Parents can plan up to 3 outfits.  Most families will plan a portrait out fit, a custom made onesie for the babies first birthday and a cake smash outfit.

- Please tell us of any food allergies!

We provide the cake, but for safety reasons, if you prefer to provide your own, please let us know. 


Planning Outfits

Parents provide 2-3 outfits for the session.  You want to plan outfits that coordinate with your set, focus on colors/ designs.   -AVOID busy patterns and logos.  

Portrait Outfit - A nice outfit of some sort, a little fancier that what you would normally wear on a daily basis. 

Custom Onesie:  Many of families opt to have a custom onesie made with the babies name and first birthday details. I have  a wonderful seamstress you can reach out to that can make one for you or your welcome to search on Etsy.  You can contact my seamstress Pamela at

Cake smash Outfit:  A cake smash outfit that the baby can get messy in. For little girls you can opt for tutus and pearls or a dress, for little boys you can get suspenders with diaper cover. We have a collection of pearls for little girls and Bowties and suspenders for little boys that you are welcome to use. 


What to Bring to your session

  • Babies favorite toy

  • Some of babies favorite snacks

  • A bottle or sippy cup

  • Change of clothes for parents and baby. It gets messy!

 *** We provide towels and baby shampoo but your welcome to provide your own ***


The Day of your session

  • Please text us your Estimate arrival time and let us know your on the way! 



  • Please Park in our drive way

  • Mask are optional, I will be wearing one the whole time. 

  • Please remove shoes and use hand sanitizer upon Entry. 

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